Cotton Candy Bowl

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Delivery Time 4 - 10 Business days

Lovely multiuse bowl suitable for wrapped candy and other small items. Please read product information.

Product Information

If you would like a custom-colored bowl, please leave a note upon checking out with the following information:
- What colors would you like? (Up to three)
- Would you like glitter?
- Would you like it to be dark or light?

Size or Dimensions

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Measurements are taken by hand. Please allow room for slight error.

Depth (inside bowl) - 2 in. (~5 cm.)

Length (from base to top) - 2.25 in. (~5.75 cm.)

Width (opening) - 5 in. (~12.5 cm.)

Product Details

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These products are made to order. This means colors may be slightly different than those depicted on the website.

Please do NOT place any foods to be directly consumed from the bowl (I.e., soup, cereal, oatmeal, etc.), as some chemicals found in resin is not safe for consumption. Wrapped candy will not pose a threat.